Try Commerce Server 2009 Evaluation VPC

To promote Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Solution for Ecommerce platform, Microsoft is providing the Commerce Server 2009 Virtual PC (VPC) which is equipped with full Installation of all required software’s. This helps the users to quickly evaluate the sowftware. Nothing to configure, just use it to evaluate the Software.

You can download the VPC on Microsoft connect site, you need to do special registration for downloading the VPC. Once you register the download is available only after two to three days in the same site. Important thing to remember is there will be no communication on the download and its availability from Microsoft. You can download with MSDN Software downloader. This VPC is recently updated (June 2010) with extended Expiry time.

Please follow the link to register. Register

CS2009 VPC Setup:
  • This VPC is a multi file (4) download zipped with WINRAR tool. Please download all the items to a Folder.  
  • Extract the VPC by clicking the file CS2009VPC-1004.part01.exe. to the folder. 
  • Download the Microsoft Virtual PC software from the Microsoft downloads: Download
  • Create the Virtual machine by selecting the existing Cs2009 VHD settings file extracted above.  
  • Start the Virtual PC. 
  • Login to the server using credentials provided in the extracted VPC readme file.  
  • Explore & Discover CS2009. 

CS2009 is not a straight installation. It’s an update on CS2007 installation. So Installation is scattered in to two different program file folders.

Pre Installed Softwares:

  • Windows server 2008 which expire in limited time.  
  • SharePoint server 2007 
  • SQL Server 2008 
  • Commerce Server 2009
  • Silverlight 3 & its SDK 
  • Microsoft Enterprise Single Sign-on  

Readily configured with:
  • A Sample catalog with categories & products. 
  • A fully functional e-commerce website on SharePoint server, which works with above default catalog. 

Things to evaluate:

Videos on the Commerce server 2009 to get the feel of the various concepts. This works for starters 
  • Few Demo Scripts which are lab manuals to learn & practice few scenarios as per manuals 
  • Documentation for understanding commerce server Business user tools and the domain of the CS2009
    • Catalog manager 
    • Customer & Order Manager 
    • Marketing manager
    • Catalog & Inventory manager
  • Go thru fully configured SharePoint ready to use ecommerce website. This site is made of many Web parts specially designed for CS2009. This is a good starting point to see the changes done on the business user tools
  • Complete Documentation on commerce server covering architecture, Features, configurations & different Programming API for developers to extend CS2009
  • Documentation for Migration of 2002 & 2007 to 2009 version.
  • Pipeline tool to customize various pipelines available in CS2009

Sample Source Code for Extensibility:

 Various components source code is provided with VPC for deeper understanding the extensibility of various systems and components of CS2009. This really helps the developers to quickly jump in to programming and customization. 
  • CS2009 Partner SDK which contains the source code & documentation for Business user tools, we can customize and redistribute the tools as per license agreement.
  • CS2009 SDK which contains samples for customizing various extensibility features of CS2009
  • CS2009 SharePoint Extensibility Kit which contains the source code for webparts, Site Code, Site features, Silverlight code for Inline Product editor
  • CS2007 SDK which contains the source code for adapters, Pipeline registration tool.  


I wrote this article to ease the new audience in understanding the VPC, since I have spent much time in knowing the above information.  To know more on CS2009 functionality please read the article below
Disclaimer: The VPC is to be used only for demonstration and evaluation purposes. Please follow the License agreements of VPC and CS2009 software.

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