ASP.NET MVC Presentaion

When I was learning ASP.NET MVC parllely i have created a Presentation of it. I tried to capture concepts, Features of MVC into one Presentation. It is a Mashup from different ppts available on the internet and including my own content. NerdDinner PDF Tutorial written by scott Guru was very helpful in understanding the new web programming. This has complete concepts of ASP.NET MVC Download . This Powerpoint targets ASP.NET MVC 1.0 and has helped me to train the resources.

One Quick suggestion, Read the tutorial and develop a small sample MVC application in Parallel . MVC development is completely different to what we been working on ASP.NET web fams. ASP.NET and its controls does lot of web functionality but in MVC we have to program every thing what we need.  The programming paradigm is completely changed, this might get you into an immpression that ASP.NET is better than MVC. Yes, its correct but i would suggest not to compare both of them for every application. MVC is not suited for every web application buts its best suited for certain web applications if designed properly like news, ecommere and Blogg site. To more precise it is apt for medium range content related sites. Finally MVC is not going to replace ASP.NET webfarms.

Thanks to Scott Guru & Enjoy the new flavour of web programming :).

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